5 Ways to Use Pantone 2018, Ultra Violet in Your Bedroom

Ultra Violet is Pantone color of the year and it’s exhilarating. The color depicts the notion of endless discoveries and artistic brilliance. Since it’s the color of today, bring a change to your home decor with Ultraviolet’s warm and calm lifestyle. Perenne Design suggests 5 ways to style up your space.

Comfortable Purple Chair

Redefine your personal nook with a cozy purple-toned chair, a good one for loosen after a nerve- racking day.

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Make It Plush with Cushions

A soothing hue to your bedroom would just evolve the look of it. Add some velvet cushions to lighten the vibe and energize the environment for your interiors​.

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Velvet Curtains

Lighter tone of ultra violet does wonders to rooms with plenty of light. Introduce violet ripples as a mark of intimacy and a dash of elegance in a well lit room.

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Air It with Rug

Experiment with dark tones where you don’t spend most of your time. Perk up your home interiors​ with vibrant and unusual hues to create a statement look and add a contemporary vibe with minimal, an ideal combination for your living room.

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Decor Accents

One could also attempt for a subtle purp for your side table

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In Bloom Mug

Treat yourself to a hot drink in Perenne Design’s ultraviolet In Bloom mugs. Whether it’s the morning bed tea or your afternoon fix, these mugs are sure to bring a vibrant charm to your day!

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UltraViolet is an emotion nuanced with the depth of emotion and mindful practices. Energize your space and push boundaries through creative outlets.