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Style Guide: Set up your Dining Table

Your dining table is the heart of your home. It is where you enjoy your meals, bond with family and celebrate feasts with your friends. It is indeed a place where memories are made, and these moments need nothing but the best. Enhancing your dining table can add so much to these moments. Just a few things put together can make the table look beautiful.

Here, we give you a step-by-step method to make the table decorating experience a breeze for you:

1. Lay the Linens

Start off by laying your linens. A table cloth makes a good base. Choose something with cotton, linen or flax fabrics as they are easy to wash and maintain later. To add a touch of craft, you can always pick something embroidered or printed, something like the Conserva Table Cloth. Make sure that your table cloth is of a size that fits your dining table.

If your table already has a marble or glass top that you do not wish to cover with a large cloth, a table runner is a great alternative to provide a crafty base.

And of course, don’t forget to place coordinating placemats and napkins to go with your base cloth!

Explore Table Linen

2. Place the Centerpiece

Placing a center piece on your dining table gives visual focus and height variety to your table. Besides, playing with textures and finishes gives a fresh break to your otherwise coordinated table. Go creative with this one!

Vases with fresh (or faux) flowers, a candle stand with a fragrant candle or even sculptural decor works wonders in adding some height and beauty for your special gatherings. To spruce it up further, spread some pebbles or stones to give a candid natural vibe.

Explore Vases

3. Set the Crockery

This is hands-down the highlight of your dining setup. An ideal dinnerware coordinates with your table linen. Here, the Emerald Palace Bone China Dinnerware subtly coordinates with the green embroidered highlights on the table cloth. While colour coordinates are sure to look great on your tablescape, you can always play with contrasting textures and colour tones as long as the colours look good in the end!

Finish the setup with shiny napkin rings and sparkly cutlery. Our top tip is to use stainless steel cutlery as it is fairly scratch proof and easy to maintain.

Explore Dinnerware

4. Set an Ambience

The ambience you set is the most definitive element of your dining experience. By ambience, we are hinting at what feeds the senses – lighting, music, aromas, colours. Set the right lighting in your dining room so that your table really shines out. Curate a soft song playlist that feeds your conversations. Place fragrant candles on your dining to add a touch of warmth and aroma, uplifting the mood around the table almost instantly! Soft base notes of fragrances like lavender, cinnamon or cedarwood work wonders to create an aromatic ambience.

Explore Candles & Tea Lights

Voila! Your table is set. This is as easy as it gets!

Check out how we styled our Conserva Table Linen from scratch in this video:

5 Ways to Use Pantone 2018, Ultra Violet in Your Bedroom

Ultra Violet is Pantone color of the year and it’s exhilarating. The color depicts the notion of endless discoveries and artistic brilliance. Since it’s the color of today, bring a change to your home decor with Ultraviolet’s warm and calm lifestyle. Perenne Design suggests 5 ways to style up your space.

Comfortable Purple Chair

Redefine your personal nook with a cozy purple-toned chair, a good one for loosen after a nerve- racking day.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

Make It Plush with Cushions

A soothing hue to your bedroom would just evolve the look of it. Add some velvet cushions to lighten the vibe and energize the environment for your interiors​.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

Velvet Curtains

Lighter tone of ultra violet does wonders to rooms with plenty of light. Introduce violet ripples as a mark of intimacy and a dash of elegance in a well lit room.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

Air It with Rug

Experiment with dark tones where you don’t spend most of your time. Perk up your home interiors​ with vibrant and unusual hues to create a statement look and add a contemporary vibe with minimal, an ideal combination for your living room.

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

Decor Accents

One could also attempt for a subtle purp for your side table

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

In Bloom Mug

Treat yourself to a hot drink in Perenne Design’s ultraviolet In Bloom mugs. Whether it’s the morning bed tea or your afternoon fix, these mugs are sure to bring a vibrant charm to your day!

Picture Courtesy – Pinterest

UltraViolet is an emotion nuanced with the depth of emotion and mindful practices. Energize your space and push boundaries through creative outlets.

Pondicherry Home- a Franco- Tamil Celebration

So much talk of preserving culture feels like an oxymoron, an almost amusing one at that. The most vibrant cultures are an outcome of two or more worlds coming together, and evolving over a period of time.

Tucked away in the southern part of India, Pondicherry reveals a tale of love between French and Tamil culture. While the roads, colonial offices and cafes reveal glimpses of the Franco-Tamil affair; it’s the Pondicherry home that lets you breathe in the essence of Pondicherry whole.

A typical home in Pondicherry factors in aesthetics hailing from French adapting to the sultry Southern Indian climate. One finds a blend of neo-classical architecture and popular facets of Tamil homes, all rolled into colorful, layered home design. Arched windows, colonial pillars carry forward the French legacy in Pondi, while thatched roofs and lush courtyards remind you of a simpler time, more like days of the Raj for the common man.

The roads boast of color- blocked homes on the outside, but the interiors tell a whole new story. Modest, minimal and magnificent; a Franco Tamil home’s décor is the face not many know. Wooden accents big and small adorn the space; wooden beams, furniture, large traditional doors add modesty to the otherwise palatial looking set up. Another striking feature is the focus on greenery within the house- big potted plants and climbers creep into the Pondicherry dwellers personal space.

The city stands as a poetic example of the balance created when two cultures combine. It shows innovation in art only makes it that much more aesthetically pleasing and viable as well. Whether a spoon, a table or four poster beds; designs that borrow from different worlds, or periods in time are reflective of a nuanced result.

Design in living, or living in design?

The way we style our surroundings governs our life more than we realize, rather one might wonder if our life choices impact our flair for style and the way we decorate our way around a space.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you adorn your space with certain pieces or pick styles from a specific era?

We deconstructed two prominent home styling trends in 2017 and what they have to say about our choices in general, have a look –

Green Décor

The presence of green in your homes in indicative talks about the current scenario in more ways than one. Pantone’s color of the year 2017 green dominates the world of fashion at home too, with ecological consciousness as a sub consciousness objective.

The infusion of green, raw white, wooden frames lends to a simpler, primitive style with a nuanced approach. Postmodern sensibilities find their way into our space and hearts as traditional techniques take contemporary forms.

Artisanal Everything

Tableware, decorative pieces and artwork— skilled and semi-skilled pieces take over the mass-produced IKEA and Pottery Barn. While minimalism is here to stay, the whole less- is- more philosophy takes an interesting turn as statement, almost whimsical pieces own the spotlight in an otherwise empty space.

Artisanal pieces find originality in thought, and are given form through unique ideas and innovative implementation. Every piece follows a line of thought and has telltale signs of personal affiliation.

In retrospect, it’s easy to admit that life and design are mutually dependent, and feed off each other in fascinating ways. The way we live helps decide the way we decorate, and while it may seem like an overstretch, the case works in the obverse as well.


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