Design in living, or living in design?

The way we style our surroundings governs our life more than we realize, rather one might wonder if our life choices impact our flair for style and the way we decorate our way around a space.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you adorn your space with certain pieces or pick styles from a specific era?

We deconstructed two prominent home styling trends in 2017 and what they have to say about our choices in general, have a look –

Green Décor

The presence of green in your homes in indicative talks about the current scenario in more ways than one. Pantone’s color of the year 2017 green dominates the world of fashion at home too, with ecological consciousness as a sub consciousness objective.

The infusion of green, raw white, wooden frames lends to a simpler, primitive style with a nuanced approach. Postmodern sensibilities find their way into our space and hearts as traditional techniques take contemporary forms.

Artisanal Everything

Tableware, decorative pieces and artwork— skilled and semi-skilled pieces take over the mass-produced IKEA and Pottery Barn. While minimalism is here to stay, the whole less- is- more philosophy takes an interesting turn as statement, almost whimsical pieces own the spotlight in an otherwise empty space.

Artisanal pieces find originality in thought, and are given form through unique ideas and innovative implementation. Every piece follows a line of thought and has telltale signs of personal affiliation.

In retrospect, it’s easy to admit that life and design are mutually dependent, and feed off each other in fascinating ways. The way we live helps decide the way we decorate, and while it may seem like an overstretch, the case works in the obverse as well.