Pondicherry Home- a Franco- Tamil Celebration

So much talk of preserving culture feels like an oxymoron, an almost amusing one at that. The most vibrant cultures are an outcome of two or more worlds coming together, and evolving over a period of time.

Tucked away in the southern part of India, Pondicherry reveals a tale of love between French and Tamil culture. While the roads, colonial offices and cafes reveal glimpses of the Franco-Tamil affair; it’s the Pondicherry home that lets you breathe in the essence of Pondicherry whole.

A typical home in Pondicherry factors in aesthetics hailing from French adapting to the sultry Southern Indian climate. One finds a blend of neo-classical architecture and popular facets of Tamil homes, all rolled into colorful, layered home design. Arched windows, colonial pillars carry forward the French legacy in Pondi, while thatched roofs and lush courtyards remind you of a simpler time, more like days of the Raj for the common man.

The roads boast of color- blocked homes on the outside, but the interiors tell a whole new story. Modest, minimal and magnificent; a Franco Tamil home’s décor is the face not many know. Wooden accents big and small adorn the space; wooden beams, furniture, large traditional doors add modesty to the otherwise palatial looking set up. Another striking feature is the focus on greenery within the house- big potted plants and climbers creep into the Pondicherry dwellers personal space.

The city stands as a poetic example of the balance created when two cultures combine. It shows innovation in art only makes it that much more aesthetically pleasing and viable as well. Whether a spoon, a table or four poster beds; designs that borrow from different worlds, or periods in time are reflective of a nuanced result.