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Scandic Infuser Tea Pot With Ceramic Lid


Conical glass tea pot that is perfect to serve green tea, herbal tea, infusions and hot drinks. This functional tea kettle has a premium perforated ceramic infuser and a ceramic lid to keep your tea warm. The tea pot, infuser and lid are all detachable, making it a practical and modular kitchen accessory that is easy to store.

This kettle pairs well with our Scandic Infusion Tea Mug.

Contents: Glass Tea Pot, Ceramic Perforated Infuser, Ceramic Lid

Usage: Place desired amount of a loose-leaf tea (or infusion) of your choice in the ceramic infuser. Place the infuser inside the mug. Pour hot water through the infuser and place the ceramic lid on the tea pot. Wait for 2-4 minutes for the tea or infusion to brew. Remove the infuser from the tea pot and enjoy your drink.

This mug is also suitable to serve regular tea, coffee and other hot drinks without the infuser. 

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